What is a plate and frame heat exchanger

   The plare and fram heat exchanger is formed by welding the column, the upper and lower cover plates, the connecting plate, the rib plate and the ground to form a heat exchanger frame.The two plates are welded to each other by straight sides to form a pair of plates, The plate is fixedly formed and integrated d through the four blocks .And the adjacent plates are welded together, and the plate adjacent to the upper and lower covers is welded with the upper and lower covers, and the blocking plate is welded with the column and the upper and lower covers in the frame, and the plate is welded. For welding together, the bundle member of the heat exchanger is formed, and the bundle member and the fixing plate and the sealing gasket are connected by a double-headed stud, a nut and a flat gasket to form a plate-and-frame heat exchanger.It has a advantage of high thermal coefficient, high temperature and high pressure resistance, flexible process combination, strong adaptability to process system, convenient maintenance and cleaning and compact structure.