What is a brazed plate heat exchanger

What is a brazed plate heat exchanger?

  The brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a stainless steel plate with a highly efficient heat transfer surface. The stainless steel sheet is brazed What is a brazed plate heat exchangerwith 99% pure copper at high temperatures to obtain a tight, leak-tight and sturdy heat exchanger. The compact brazed plate heat exchanger is designed to consist of up to 20 stainless steel corrugated plates, each of which is inverted to form a large number of contact points between all the plates. The solder joints are also welded together during brazing to form a compact plate that allows almost all of the sheet structural material (about 94% of the surface) to be used for heat transfer. The plate form two separate channels, in which the medium forms convective motion, resulting in high turbulence in the channel system, resulting in excellent heat transfer characteristics, even at low speeds, the scale remains at an absolute minimum

  The brazed plate heat exchanger has the advantages of no gasket, no leakage, light weight, small volume, low price, easy disassembly and installation, and high heat transfer efficiency. The structure is applicable to steam, water or process fluids and can be used in situations where the temperature difference between the two fluids is extremely small.