What inspection should be done after the plate oil cooler is used for a period of time

  When the plate oil cooler is not used for a long time, the equipment should be subjected to a water pressure test, and the cold and hot sides What inspection should be done after the plate oil cooler is used for a period of timeshould be tested separately. The test pressure is 1.25 times the working pressure, the pressure holding time is 30 minutes, and there is no leakage at each seal. Before use, check whether the compression screw is loose and whether the compression size meets the requirements in the manual. If it does not meet the requirements, tighten the bolts evenly to the specified size.

  If it is used in the food industry or pharmaceutical industry with high sanitation requirements, the equipment should be cleaned and disinfected before use to eliminate oil stains and debris in the equipment. The inlet and outlet of the hot and cold medium should be connected to the oil cooler according to the mark on the compression plate of the equipment, otherwise, it will affect the operation performance of the equipment.

  When the plate oil cooler is in operation, the low-pressure side liquid should be slowly injected, and then the high-pressure side liquid should be injected; when stopping, the high-pressure side fluid should be slowly cut off, and then the low-pressure side fluid should be cut off. After long-term operation, different levels of scale or sediment will be generated on the surface of the plate, which will reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase the flow resistance. Therefore, the equipment should be regularly opened for inspection to eliminate the scale. When cleaning the plates, metal brushes must not be used to avoid scratching the plates and reducing corrosion performance.The damaged plates should be replaced in time. If there are no spare plates, the two adjacent plates can be removed, and the compression size should be reduced accordingly. Seals that have been aged should be replaced.