What factors will affect the price of plate heat exchangers

The plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of stainless steel heat transfer fins, sealing rubber gaskets, clamping bolts What factors will affect the price of plate heat exchangersand compression plate complete machine frame. It is resistant to various corrosive media. The plates of the plate heat exchanger are independent components, and the heat exchange area and flow can be increased or decreased at will according to user requirements. The application range of plate heat exchangers is very wide, and the prices are different. So what factors will affect the price of plate heat exchangers?

(1) The material of heat exchanger is a factor that affects price fluctuations. The prices of carbon steel and stainless steel fluctuate from time to time. Generally, the quotations given by manufacturers have a cycle and are valid within the cycle.

(2) The geographical distribution of manufacturers affects price setting. The labor costs in different regions are different.

(3) The size of the enterprise determines the price of plate heat exchangers. Enterprises attach importance to quality and service, so the cost space added to the price will also increase.

(4) The equipment technology of the manufacturer is different.

(5) The production process of the plate heat exchanger is simple, with a high degree of mechanization and automation, and products with low energy consumption are energy-saving and low-cost.

(6) From the perspective of the metal thermal strength index, the metal thermal strength is the heat dissipation of the metal per unit mass of the plate heat exchanger under standard test conditions, and the unit is W/KG°C. It is a technical and economic indicator that reflects material saving and energy saving.