What causes the plate cooler to be corroded

  The plate heat exchanger is a kind of high-efficiency heat exchanger made of a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. No matter What causes the plate cooler to be corrodedhow good the cooler is, it will corrode under certain conditions, thereby reducing the service life of the equipment. What causes the plate cooler to be corroded?

(1) Medium composition and concentration. In hydrochloric acid, the higher the concentration, the more severe the corrosion. Carbon steel and stainless steel have the most severe corrosion in sulfuric acid with a concentration of about 50%, and when the concentration increases to more than 60%, the corrosion decreases sharply

(2) Harmful impurities. Harmful impurities include chloride, sulfur, cyanide, and ammonia ions, which can cause severe corrosion in some cases

(3) Ambient temperature. Corrosion is a chemical reaction. For every 10 ° C increase in temperature, the corrosion rate increases about 1 to 3 times.

(4) Liquid ph value. Generally, the smaller the pH value, the greater the corrosion of the metal;

(5) The flow velocity of the liquid. In most cases, the greater the flow rate, the greater the corrosion.

In some specific industrial production, the operation mode of the cooler and the materials it contacts will affect the performance of the cooler, so some special production methods also need special protection to reduce the corrosion of cooler.