What are the types of heat exchanger

  According to the shape and structural characteristics of the heat transfer surface, the heat exchanger can be divided into three types: tube heat What are the types of heat exchangerexchanger, plate heat exchanger and other forms of heat exchanger.The tubular heat exchanger has a heat transfer surface on the surface of the tube.The plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance and simple manufacturing process, and is the most widely used heat exchanger in the industry.The plate heat exchanger is characterized by compact structure and high heat transfer efficiency. It is a relatively advanced energy-saving heat exchanger. The sealing method between the plate heat exchanger plate and the plate is gasket and welded sealed.

  The gasket sealing plate heat exchanger is a common detachable plate heat exchanger. It has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, easy maintenance, and easy expansion. It has been widely used in various industries.The fluid in the gasket-sealed plate heat exchanger must be compatible with the gasket material (non-corrosive), the working pressure is generally less than 2.5 MPa, and the temperature is below 250 °C.The welded seal plate heat exchanger is welded around the entire plate to form a seal for corrosive fluids compatible with the plate.