What are the steps for in-situ cleaning of plate heat exchangers

The structure of the plate heat exchanger is simple, and it is composed of plates, sealing gaskets, fixed compression plates, movable compression plates, compression studs and nuts, upper and lower guide rods, and front pillars. In order to realize the efficient use of the plate heat exchanger, it needs to be cleaned. The plate heat exchanger has manual cleaning and in-situ cleaning. The plate heat exchanger manufacturer reminds you that if the conditions are available, you should use an in-situ cleaning system as much as possible. So what are What are the steps for in-situ cleaning of plate heat exchangersthe steps for in-situ cleaning of plate heat exchangers?

(1) Please drain the liquid in the inlet and outlet pipes on both sides of the plate heat exchanger. If it cannot be drained, water can be used to force the process liquid out.

(2) Please use warm water of about 43℃ to rinse from both sides of the plate heat exchanger until the water flowing out becomes clear and contains no process fluid.

(3) Please drain the flushing water out of the plate heat exchanger and connect it to the local cleaning pump.

(4) To clean the plate heat exchanger thoroughly, the in-situ cleaning solution must flow from the bottom to the top of the plate to ensure that all the surfaces of the plate are wetted with the cleaning solution. When cleaning the multi-process heat exchanger, it is necessary to make the cleaning fluid flow in the reverse direction for at least 1-2 cleaning time to ensure that the surface of all the plates in the multi-process wet.

(5) After cleaning with spot cleaning solution, rinse thoroughly with clean water.The best cleaning solution is to use the in-situ cleaning solution to flush at the maximum flow rate, or to clean with the maximum flow rate allowed by the diameter of the in-situ cleaning nozzle. If you can carry out in-situ cleaning operations in accordance with the regular cleaning plan developed before thorough contamination, the cleaning effect will be better.