What are the requirements for plate heat exchanger maintenance

The plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger made up of a series of metal sheets with a certain What are the requirements for plate heat exchanger maintenancecorrugated shape. There will be some failures in the use of plate heat exchangers, so what problems should be paid attention to during maintenance?

(1) When the plate heat exchanger is repaired, the plate heat exchanger has a large number of plates and needs to be cleaned piece by piece, and all the pads are replaced with new pads. Therefore, the overall installation position is generally lifted from the installation position and disassembled at a suitable place for overhaul.

(2) Before disassembling the plate heat exchanger, close the medium inlet valve (close the high-pressure side valve), and then close the outlet valve. The heat exchanger is slowly cooled to 40°C for discharge, and then the connecting pipes are removed.

(3) The maintenance period of the plate heat exchanger is generally 2 years. The gaskets to be replaced need to be carefully inspected before maintenance. The surface should be smooth, uniform thickness, no transverse cracks, no bubbles, no gaps, no aging, no lap and butt marks.

(4) After the system gas, pressure, temperature and other parameters meet the maintenance requirements, the construction can be entered on site. During the disassembly process, the width direction deviation of the movable pressing plate should not exceed 10mm, and the vertical deviation should not exceed 25mm, and the movable pressing plate should always be kept basically in a parallel state.

(5) The heat exchanger plates should be free of cracks, scratches, and deformation defects. The unevenness of the plate thickness should not exceed 5%, the periphery of the plate should be smooth and flat, the shape of the sealing groove should meet the requirements of the drawing, and the allowable deviation of the depth is 0.1mm.