What are the quality requirements for plate heat exchanger products

  The plate heat exchanger is made up of a lot of thin metal heat transfer plate. The heat exchange effect is achieved through heat exchange, and  quality requirements for plate heat exchanger productsits application is still quite extensive. So what are the quality requirements for plate heat exchanger products?

(1) The pressure rating of the heat exchanger is 16 bar, which requires a reliable seal and no leakage during long-term operation.

(2) All heat exchangers are full-through pipelines of the same side counterflow type.

(3) For different over-flow media, suitable heat exchanger plates should be provided. The plate structure of the heat exchanger must meet the requirements of circulating water flowing in the welding workshop.

(4) All heat exchangers should be capable of reducing 35% and expanding by 25 plates without changing the frame size.

(5) All heat exchanger plates use glue-free embedded gaskets. The gasket materials should meet the requirements of heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

(6) The "material" requirements of all heat exchangers are consistent with the material of the plate. The meaning of "material" refers to the material requirements of the part of the heat exchanger contacting the medium flow, not the material requirements of all parts of the heat exchanger. The material of the heat exchanger frame is carbon steel with epoxy paint.

(7) During processing, materials containing copper, bronze, aluminum, brass or materials containing silicon rhenium used in sealing are not allowed.

The plate is the core of the plate heat exchanger. All heat exchange is done through these sheets.Therefore, in the production process, we must control the quality.