What are the optimization steps for the heat exchangers

  The plate heat exchanger consists of a set of metal plates with four corner holes for the passage of both hot and cold media.When assembled, the What are the optimization steps for the heat exchangersA plate and the B plate are alternately arranged, and a mesh passage is formed between the plates.The gasket seals the cold and heat medium in the heat exchanger while properly separating the hot and cold medium without mixing.The hot and cold fluids flow in the channels and are divided into countercurrent or downstream as needed. The hot and cold fluid exchanges heat through the slab wall during the flow to achieve the desired effect.The CAD of the heat exchanger is the abbreviation of computer aided design. The CAD of the heat exchanger is to use the computer to complete a set of design files of the heat exchanger and draw the heat exchanger construction drawing.What are the optimization steps for the heat exchanger?

(1) The process condition data and various restrictions are proposed by the user.

(2) Iteratively process the performance calculation process to obtain satisfactory results, and compile the results into a data table.

(3) Draw a heat exchanger construction drawing.

(4) Perform heat transfer and hydrodynamic performance calculations to determine the total heat transfer coefficient and the required small heat transfer area, and print out the intermediate results.

(5) According to the performance calculation results, the structural design calculation is performed, the calculation result is printed out, and the data table is compiled.