What are the main points for cleaning plate heat exchanger equipment

  The plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger stacked by a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. the main points for cleaning plate heat exchanger equipmentThin rectangular channels are formed between various plates, and heat is exchanged through the plates. What are the main points for cleaning plate heat exchanger equipment?

(1) It is strictly forbidden to use hydrochloric acid for cleaning the plate heat exchanger. The plate heat exchanger shall be regularly repaired, the thermal efficiency is significantly reduced, and the pressure drop shall be cleaned when it is significantly changed.

(2) The cleaning operation can open the equipment and rinse the plates one by one. If fouling is severe, the plate should be removed and laid flat

(3) If chemical cleaner is used, it can be circulated inside the equipment. If there is mechanical cleaning, use a soft brush. It is forbidden to use a steel brush to avoid scratching the plate.

(4) After washing the equipment, wipe it with a clean cloth. Foreign particles and fibers are not allowed to be stored between the plate and the rubber pad.

(5) After cleaning, the plates and films should be inspected carefully, and problems should be dealt with in time.

(6) During the cleaning process, the rubber pads to be replaced and the rubber pads to be removed should be firmly adhered. Before assembly, carefully check whether it is uniform and wipe off any excess adhesive.