What are the main features of plate heat exchangers

  The plate stainless steel heat exchanger is composed of high-efficiency heat transfer corrugated plates and frames. The plate is clamped between What are the main features of plate heat exchangersthe fixed compression plate and the movable compression plate by bolts. Many flow channels are formed inside the heat exchanger, and the plates are sealed with rubber.There is a take-over that connects the device to the outside on the compression plate.The plate is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant metal sheet, and the four corners are punched with corner holes for the medium to enter and exit, and there are hanging holes up and down.The herringbone corrugation can increase the disturbance to the fluid, so that the fluid can reach the turbulent state at low speed and obtain high heat transfer effect.The heat exchanger also uses a special structure to ensure that the two fluid media will not leak. What are the main features of plate heat exchangers?

(1) High heat transfer efficiency. The heat transfer coefficient of the plate heat exchanger is generally 3000-6000 / m2.K · ℃, which is 3-5 times that of other heat exchangers

(2) Compact structure, small footprint, saving capital construction investment, the largest effective heat exchange area per unit volume, and light weight

(3) Easy to disassemble and wash

(4) It can realize pure countercurrent heat exchange. Fully utilize the temperature difference of the two fluids, and the heat recovery rate is as high as 95%. The ability to handle small temperature differences is the strongest. It is used for low-temperature waste heat utilization. In the summer, the air-conditioning heat exchange is incapable of other heat exchange.

(5) The heat exchanger does not need heat preservation and its heat loss is less than 1%