What are the installation methods for the plate heat exchanger

  The plate heat exchanger is a detachable heat exchange device composed of a plurality of corrugated heat transfer plates, which are pressed at a installation methods for the plate heat exchangercertain interval by rubber gaskets. When the plates are assembled, the two plate groups are alternately arrang. The rubber sealing gasket are fixed by the adhesive one the plates to prevent fluid leakage and form a narrow mesh flow path between the two plates. The heat medium flows into the respective flow channels, forming a countercurrent or cocurrent flow through each plate for heat exchange. What are the installation methods for the plate heat exchanger?

  Plate heat exchangers are divided into two installations according to the presence of the saddle bracket. The first, For a plate heat exchanger without a saddle bracket, the heat exchanger should be installed on the saddle foundation of the brick. The installed plate heat exchanger is not fixed to the foundation at this moment, and the entire phe can be freely moved as the expansion changes.

Secondly, for the plate with saddle support, the concrete should be laid on the foundation first. After it is completely dry, the saddle support and the ground concrete are completely fixed with the anchor bolts.