What are the forms of plate heat exchanger gaskets

  The heat exchanger pads are divided into a variety of materials depending on the medium of the liquid. The most commonly used ones are EPDM What are the forms of plate heat exchanger gaskets and NBR. The gaskets of these two materials is good in water and oil resistance, and the high temperature resistance can reach 120-150.For the rubber pad of food industry heat exchange equipment, food grade plate heat exchanger rubber pad, such as silicone rubber, acid resistance can be used.but the use of these two kinds of pads is not extensive, and it is a highly applicable "parts". In the industry, heat exchanger seals with good water and temperature resistance are basically used to ensure the high quality of heat exchange equipment. Plate heat exchanger pads are available in three pad types.

(1) The lock type is the most excellent form, especially when the large-scale board is replaced by emergency maintenance, the maintenance speed will be greatly improved, but the cost is higher than that of the other two forms, and the plate-changing positioning hole is not easy to punch.

(2) Hanging type is suitable for sealing of small and medium-sized plates. It is easy to assemble and repair. The dirt in the groove can be removed and cleaned, which is very important for the food industry.

(3) Adhesive is the most primitive form. When the large plate is replaced, the rubber gasket needs to be re-adhered. After the rubber pad is deformed, it is difficult to find the card slot, and the maintenance is very inconvenient.