What are the components of the plate heat exchanger and their respective roles

  The plate heat exchanger is a convenient heat exchange device for cleaning and maintenance. It has the advantages of compact structure and What are the components of the plate heat exchanger and their respective roleseasy assembly and disassembly. The equipment is composed of many kinds of components, the important components of the plate heat exchanger and their role in the heat exchanger.

(1) Front pillar. Support the weight of the heat exchanger, so that the whole plate heat exchanger is integrated.

(2) Active compression plate. Used in conjunction with the fixed compression plate, it can slide on the upper guide rod for disassembly, assembly, inspection and maintenance.

(3) Up and down guide rods. To bear the weight of the plates and ensure that the plates slide between them during installation. The guide bar is usually longer than the heat exchange plate group, so as to loosen the compression bolts and slide the plates for inspection.

(4) Sealing gasket. Prevent fluid mixing or leakage, and make it distributed between different plates. The materials are: nitrile rubber, EPDM, fluoro rubber. Different rubbers are used according to different media.

(5) Heat exchange plate. Provide medium flow path and heat exchange area. The general ripples are made into an adult glyph. According to the different fluid medium, the material of the heat exchange plate of the plate heat exchanger is also different. Most of them are made of stainless steel and titanium.

(6) Fix the compression plate. Without contact with fluid, tighten the gasket after tightening with clamping bolts to ensure sealing.

(7) Tighten the bolts and nuts. Press the plate group tightly to integrate the heat exchanger and ensure the sealing.