What are the commonly used plate heat exchangers

  The plate heat exchanger is composed of a set of metal plates, and there are four corner holes on the plate for cold and hot media to pass.When What are the commonly used plate heat exchangersthe heat exchanger is assembled, the A and B plates are alternately arranged to form a mesh channel. The sealing gasket seals the cold and hot media in the heat exchanger and separates the cold and hot media reasonably without mixing.The hot and cold fluid in the channel can be counter-current or co-current as required. During the flow process, the hot and cold fluid is exchanged through the wall of the plate to achieve the desired effect. What types of plate heat exchangers are commonly used?

(1) According to the amount of heat exchange area in the unit space. The traditional shell-and-tube heat exchangers occupy a large area, and the plate heat exchangers are compact heat exchangers.

(2) There are different names according to the process use: plate heater, plate cooler, plate condenser, plate preheater.

(3) According to the process combination, it is divided into single-pass plate heat exchanger and multi-pass plate heat exchanger.

(4) According to the flow direction of the two media, it is divided into forward flow plate heat exchanger, counter flow plate heat exchanger, and cross flow plate heat exchanger.

(5) According to the gap size of the flow channel, it is divided into a conventional gap plate heat exchanger and a wide gap plate heat exchanger.

(6) According to whether it is a complete set of products, it can be divided into stand-alone plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger units.