What are the common failures of heat exchange units

The heat exchange unit has been widely used in heating, bathing and air-conditioning systems in houses, institutions, factories, mines, hospitals, hotels and schools.The heat exchange unit is composed of a heat exchanger, a circulation pump, a supplementary water pump, an electric control cabinet, a filter, a base, a pipeline, a valve and an instrument. The heat exchange unit can be equipped with automatic constant pressure water supplement device, water treatment equipment, water tank, water pump frequency conversion control, What are the common failures of heat exchange unitstemperature control valve and remote communication control. What are the common failures of heat exchange units?

(1) How to judge whether the heat exchanger is blocked. If the pressure difference between the primary side supply and return water or the secondary side heat exchanger exceeds 0.15MPa. And the secondary water supply temperature is not hot, please check whether the heat exchanger is blocked.

(2) The reason why the system is not hot. The flow of water supply on the primary side is insufficient, and the system on the secondary side is unblocked.

(3) The system has pressure, and the pressure gauge shows 0. If the needle valve matched with the pressure gauge is in the closed state, the pressure gauge always displays 0. During the operation of the system, please ensure that all the needle valves supporting the pressure gauge are fully open.

(4) Overpressure on the secondary side. During the initial operation of the system, the secondary temperature is relatively low. After the water replenishment reaches a constant pressure value, as the temperature continues to increase, the pressure of the secondary system will also increase. At this time, more exhaust and drainage are required.

(5) How to judge whether the filter is clogged. If the temperature difference between the water supply temperature and the return water temperature is large. If the high-temperature water exceeds 45 degrees and the low-temperature water exceeds 30 degrees, please check whether the filter at the water supply is blocked.

(6) The make-up water pump keeps turning and the pressure does not rise. If the make-up water pump is running all the time and the pressure never reaches the set value, vent the system. Most of the poor water replenishment is caused by system gas gathering.

(7) The reason why the frequency conversion water supply is not automatic and the frequency converter does not start. Please check whether the transfer switch is in the frequency conversion or automatic position. The inverter can work normally only when it is in the frequency conversion or automatic position.