What are the common failures and reasons in plate heat exchanger coolers

  The plate cooler is widely used in various occasions requiring refrigeration because of its high temperature resistance, good effect, simple What are the common failures and reasons in plate heat exchanger coolersinstallation and other advantages. In many places of use, it is found that the sealing effect of the medium channel and the sealing ring is poor. Then the failure and reason occurred in the plate cooler. In the hydraulic system, when the sealing part of the plate cooler bursts or the medium leaks, one or more of the following characteristics will occur.

(1) The water supply pressure of the cooler is unstable, or there is no pressure reducing valve or pressure stabilizing valve.

(2) The oil return of the system is intermittent and the parameter values are too different. The difference in the oil return amount when the actuator performs fast and slow action is too large.

(3) An oil return filter provided by the oil port of the refrigerator can generate pressure and emit pressure shock.

(4) The standard cooler is equipped with an electromagnetic water valve, and it is not equipped with a bypass valve cooling circuit. The bypass valve generally uses a fixed value check valve as a safety valve to ensure that the cooler is not overloaded.

(5) The user has not been properly trained in the use of the equipment or there is no uniform maintenance operation specification file.

(6) The water supply is controlled centrally or manually, resulting in increased opportunities for misuse and emergency operations.

(7) The equipment has not been maintained for a long time, and the plate cooler generally needs maintenance every 1-2 years.

(8) There is no independent discharge valve at the lowest point of water inlet or outlet.

(9) The cooling medium of the plate cooler is not in compliance or has been deteriorated, which cannot meet the requirements of the equipment, resulting in internal corrosion or flaking.