What are the characteristics of steam-water heat exchanger

  The steam-water heat exchanger is mainly composed of a plate heat exchanger, a circulation pump, a make-up water pump, a filter, a check What are the characteristics of steam-water heat exchangervalve, a butterfly valve, an instrument, an electric control cabinet and an automatic temperature control system. So what are the characteristics of soda heat exchanger?

(1) Automatic switching between power frequency and frequency conversion. The system collects temperature and pressure signals and controls the frequency conversion of the circulating pump and the make-up pump. It can automatically realize frequency conversion switching between multiple circulating pumps and multiple water supply pumps, and automatic switching between frequency conversion and power frequency.

(2) The spare circulation pump and heat exchanger are automatically switched at regular time. Circulation pump is switched regularly, and circulation pump failure is automatically checked. The plate heat exchanger and the spare plate heat exchanger are switched regularly to maximize the service life of the system.

(3) Automatic timing switch. It can realize timing switch control according to time, date and different time periods

(4) Simple and intuitive, humanized man-machine interface, easy to operate and use. Equipped with a touch screen, the system will have a good man-machine interface, which can display the complete system operating status, equipment status and various thermal parameters. The operating parameters are centralized and digitally displayed. It can be controlled locally or networked with the central control room to facilitate remote monitoring by users.

(5) Powerful remote communication function. It can be wired or wirelessly connected to the host computer. Both local area network control and wireless monitoring can be realized. When a fault occurs, it will immediately send a wireless alarm signal to the administrator's mobile phone, so that the system can be repaired at the first time.

(6) Practical cold and hot function. The soda heat exchanger can provide both heat and refrigeration.

(7) Highly automated setting, truly unattended. The automatic control system of the steam-water heat exchanger uses the world's famous automatic control components, combined with the world's most advanced and fully intelligent automatic control design. High degree of automation, strong sensitivity, accurate temperature and small fluctuation.

(8) The high-quality all-imported core components determine the equipment's longer service life and more reliable operating state.

(9) Reliable and stable system protection settings. Many system protections are added to the heat exchanger unit system settings (overpressure protection, overtemperature protection, overcurrent protection and power failure protection)