What are the causes of tube heat exchanger vibration

  The vibration of the heat exchanger tube bundle is caused by the induced vibration of the shell-side fluid. Generally it includes vortex separation, Tube heat exchanger vibrationturbulence chattering, elastic excitation of fluid and acoustic resonance.Elastic excitation is the most important form of vibration, and vortex separation and turbulence chattering promote it. Therefore, the key to analyzing vibration is to study the elastic excitation of fluid.

  The vibration of the heat exchanger is mainly caused by the fluid flow on the shell side.The fluid flow on the tube side is relatively small due to vibration, the leakage and serious damage to the tube is caused by vibration, resulting in a lot of noise, and the pressure drop on the shell side of the heat exchanger increases.As the capacity of heat exchangers increases, the number of vibrations and damages continues to increase, which has attracted industry attention.There are several types of damage caused by vibration: the heat transfer tubes of the heat exchanger are caused by surface abrasion caused by surface and vibration collisions;The adjacent heat pipe of the heat exchanger is damaged due to collision; the life of the heat transfer pipe is reduced by vibration. Small cracks in the pipe fittings can eventually damage the heat exchanger pipes.