What are the benefits of water-to-water plate heat exchangers in boiler systems

Plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency and energy-saving heat exchange equipment. It has the advantages of high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, less consumables, diverse forms, and easy maintenance. It has been What are the benefits of water-to-water plate heat exchangers in boiler systemswidely used in machinery, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry, textiles, and beverages. , Urban heating industry and fields. So what are the benefits of water-to-water plate heat exchangers in boiler systems?

(1) Low energy

In the boiler installation project, the equipment that exchanges boiler feed water with heating grid water is divided into steam-water plate heat exchangers and water-water plate heat exchangers according to the media participating in the heat exchange.

After the heat exchange between the primary and secondary side media, the secondary side is pumped out by a water pump and sent to the end customer, and the primary side is circulated to the boiler. When it is heated again, it does not need to be heated from room temperature.

(2) High heat transfer

The plate heat exchanger is composed of multiple plates, and the plate thickness is only 0.5mm, which can effectively transfer energy. In the working condition of water in the boiler system, the general heat transfer coefficient can reach 5000W/(m2.℃), which can instantly reach the temperature desired by the customer. These are energy efficiencies that cannot be achieved with boiler heating. This solves the waste of energy and also saves costs.

(3) Extend the service life of the boiler

The problem that easily occurs in water-to-water heat exchange is scaling. Many boilers are eliminated every year. This is mainly because as the temperature of the water continues to increase, some calcium and magnesium ions in the water will continue to be precipitated as the temperature rises, so these calcifications will adhere to the inner wall of the boiler. The boiler will not reach the working effect until it is eliminated. Then the water-water plate heat exchanger can effectively transfer most of the heating process to itself, and the plate heat exchanger will also have scaling problems, but the plate exchange can be removed and cleaned. So this link also extends the service life of the boiler virtually.