What are the advantages of steam water heat exchangers

  The steam-water heat exchanger uses steam as a heat source plate heat exchanger and also serves as a power source plate heat exchanger. What are the advantages of steam water heat exchangersThe unit realizes the heating and boosting of the water flow during the direct mixing of steam and water. It has the combined function of heat exchange and water pump. It is an energy-efficient steam and water heat exchange equipment, widely used in various heating systems and hot water systems. The steam-water heat exchanger has advanced design and superior performance. Compared with the traditional heat exchanger, it has the following advantages.

(1) The power of the hot water circulating pump is small, and the power saving can reach 40%.

(2) The heat exchange efficiency is nearly 100%, and the steam is saved by 8%.

(3) The equipment has a small volume and a small footprint, saving 60% of construction investment.

(4) The unit has fewer final assembly equipment and compact structure, which can save system investment.

(5) The pipe network system does not need to make up water and no make-up pump, saving investment.

(6) No scaling, cleaning equipment can be eliminated, reducing maintenance costs.

(7) The system structure is simple, the failure rate is extremely low, and the operation is safe and reliable.

(8) The unit operation can be unattended, simple operation, saving manpower and costs.

(9) Efficient and energy-saving, high return on investment.