What are the advantages of ceramic heat exchangers

  Various new and energy-saving advanced furnace types are becoming more and more perfect, and the use of new types of high-quality insulation the advantages of ceramic heat exchangersmaterials such as refractory fibers has significantly reduced the heat loss of the furnace.The use of advanced combustion devices enhances combustion, reduces the amount of incomplete combustion, and the air-fuel ratio tends to be reasonable.In order to further improve the thermal efficiency of the heating furnace and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and consumption reduction, recovering flue gas waste heat is also an important energy saving approach.

Flue gas preheating requires a large volume for heat exchange, which is often limited by the work site.

Pre-heated air combustion is a better method. Generally, it is arranged on the heating furnace. It can also strengthen the combustion, accelerate the heating rate of the furnace, and improve the thermal performance of the furnace. This not only meets the requirements of the process, but also can obtain a significant comprehensive energy saving effect.What are the advantages of ceramic heat exchangers?

(1) The method of using ceramic heat exchanger is direct, simple, fast, efficient, environmental protection and energy saving. It is suitable for the waste heat recovery and utilization of gas industrial kiln in various environments, and especially solves the problem that the waste heat temperature of various high-temperature industrial kiln is too high to be used.

(2) Because it is resistant to high temperatures, it can be placed in high temperature areas, and the heat transfer effect is better than that of metal heat exchangers.

(3) Solve the problems of heat exchange and corrosion resistance in the chemical industry.

(4) The state requires that the temperature of the ceramic heat exchanger is ≥1000 ° C, and that of this ceramic heat exchanger is ≥1450 ° C. The highest temperature can be 1650 ° C.

(5) Replace metal heat exchangers under high temperature conditions.

(6) The ceramic heat exchanger has strong adaptability, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, good oxidation resistance, stable thermal shock performance and long service life.

(7) Easy installation and operation, no need of cold air and high temperature protection, low maintenance cost, no need to operate any ceramic heat exchanger.