Welded plate heat exchangers

  The pressure range is vacuum to 20MPa, and the temperature range is 200°C~900°C.The emergence of all-welded plate heat exchangers has Welded plate heat exchangersgreatly expanded the field of application of plate heat exchangers.With the rapid development of manufacturing technology (especially the development of welding technology), new products of all-welded plate heat exchangers are constantly emerging.

  According to whether the heat exchange core is placed in the pressure-bearing shell, it can be divided into non-plate type and shell-and-shell type.

Non-plate-shell type can be subdivided into detachable all-welded plate heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger, pure countercurrent welded plate heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger and plate-fin type according to different flow methods and welding methods.Plate and shell heat exchangers can be divided into circular plate shell and shell heat exchangers and square plate shell and shell heat exchangers according to the geometry of the plates.