Ventilation Method Of Plate Heat Exchangers

  The plate heat exchanger generates heat during use, and its ventilation function comes into play at this time.It is necessary to know that there are Ventilation Method Of Plate Heat Exchangerstwo main ways of ventilation. These two ventilation methods are also applicable to different industries. When using a plate heat exchanger, it is necessary to pay attention to selecting a suitable method for effective heat dissipation.

(1) Blasting type: Air flows into the tube bundle after flowing through the fan. The operating cost is more economical, and the generated turbulence is beneficial to heat transfer and it is used more.

(2) Induced air type: Air flows into the fan after flowing through the tube bundle. Uniform airflow distribution is beneficial to the accurate temperature control of the plate heat exchanger unit, and the noise is small, which is the development direction.

  The hot fluid outlet temperature is primarily controlled by adjusting the amount of air passing through the tube bundle. Adjust the inclination of the blades of the heat exchanger, the speed of the fan and the degree of opening of the blinds.For fluids that are easy to condense and freeze in winter, the temperature of the fluid outlet can be adjusted by hot air circulation or steam heating.When using a plate heat exchanger, these two ventilation methods can be selected according to the use of the equipment. The suitable method is not only conducive to timely heat dissipation, but also simpler.