Titanium heat exchanger advantages

Titanium heat exchanger advantages

1.Safe and reliable

Two seals are designed between the plates, and signal holes are provided at the same time. In the event of a leak, it may be external, and preventing the mixing of the two media to provide a safety alarm.

2.Small amount of cooling water

Due to the geometry of the flow path of the plate heat exchanger and the high thermal efficiency of both liquids, the amount of cooling water can be greatly reduced. This also reduces the cost of installation of pipes, valves and pumps.

3.High heat transfer efficiency

The design of the plate corrugation and the high thermal conductivity of the film are the targets. The plate corrugation forms a special flow path, and the fluid may have strong interference (turbulence disturbance) at a very low speed, and the network prevents the formation of dirt and affects the transmission. Thermal efficiency is very high.

4.The use of low temperature heat sources is beneficial

Due to the almost full countercurrent flow and high heat transfer of the two media, the temperature of the two media in heat exchangers can reach a minimum of 1 °C. It is the ideal equipment to recover waste heat utilization or low body temperature. Under the same conditions, the heat transfer coefficient of the plate heat exchanger can be controlled within a range of 1/3 of the tube heat exchanger by selecting a reasonable flow resistance loss.