The forms of the plate heat exchangers

  There are three important forms of plate heat exchangers, which often become the problem of use when we choose products. Different plate heat The forms of the plate heat exchangersexchangers have different effects,It will also affect our normal use if the selected products are not suitable.

(1) Hybrid plate heat exchanger: This type of plate heat exchanger is realized by direct contact and mutual mixing of hot and cold fluids in the heat exchange process, and heat transfer is accompanied by mass exchange and mixing.

(2) Surface plate heat exchanger:In the heat exchange process of the plate heat exchanger, the hot and cold fluids do not contact each other, but the heat transfer between the hot and cold fluids is performed through the metal wall surface.It’s widely used in thermal power plants, such as superheaters, reheaters, economizers, oil coolers.

(3) Regenerative plate heat exchanger: This plate heat exchanger is realized by a medium, that is, a transmission element in the heat exchange process. The hot and cold fluid is alternately flowed through the heat transfer element. When the hot fluid flows, heat is transferred to the heat transfer element and stored; when the cold fluid flows, the heat stored by the heat transfer element is transferred to the cold fluid for heat exchange(rotary air preheater).