Structure of air cooler

The high quality air cooler is mainly composed of 3 parts, which are tube bundle, fan and frame.

The tube bundle includes heat transfer tube, tube box, side beam and cross beam, etc.. It can be horizontal, vertical and oblique top (herringbone) 3 basic forms of layout. Among them, horizontal layout of the heat transfer area, even distribution of air, good heat transfer effect; sloping roof layout, ventilation machine installation in a herringbone central space, covers an area of small, compact structure. In order to counteract the influence of the lower heat supply coefficient of the air side, the outer wall of the light tube is usually used as a tube. Fin tube as heat transfer tube, heat transfer area can be expanded. The two ends of the finned tube are connected with the pipe box by a welding or expansion joint method. The drainage pipe is generally 3 ~ 8 rows. Tube bundle series of up to 12 meters in size. The outer diameter of the optical tube is usually 25 mm and 38 mm, the fin height generally takes 12 to 15 mm, the tube bundle width of 100 ~ 3000 mm. Fin tube is the core component of air cooler, and its form and material directly affect the performance of the equipment.