Pressure test of heat exchanger

  For the heat exchangers that are just starting to be used, a series of experiments are carried out before use. There is no abnormality in the Pressure test of heat exchangerexperiment before the device can be used. The pressure test of the heat exchanger is also an important test. It should be known that if the pressure is too large, the regeneration will affect the operation.

(1) The fixed tube heat exchanger performs the shell side pressure test first, and checks the heat exchange tube and the tube plate connection joint at the same time, then performs the tube test pressure.

(2) The U-tube heat exchanger, the kettle type reboiler and the stuffing-type heat exchanger first perform the shell-side pressure test with the test pressure ring, and inspect the joint at the same time , and then carry out the tube-tube pressure test.

(3) The floating head heat exchanger and the kettle type reboiler first use the test pressure ring and the special tool for the floating head to test the tube head.For the kettle type reboiler, the special shell for the pressure test of the tube head should be equipped, and then the tube test pressure is applied to carry out the shell side pressure test

(4) The test pressure of the overlapping heat exchanger joints can be carried out in a single stage. When connecting between the various stages, the tube and shell test pressures should be carried out after overlapping assembly.

Different heat exchangers have different steps in the test. Therefore, it is necessary to understand all aspects of knowledge before the operation.