Positioning system of heat exchanger plate

The positioning of the plate is based on the five point metal and metal contact, the three point of the upper bearing rod, can prevent the downward movement of the plate.

In addition, the two plates and the two plates will not move around.

Plate heat exchanger is composed of a group of corrugated metal plate, four angle hole plate, two kinds of liquid for heat transfer through. The metal plate is installed in the frame of a fixed plate and a movable pressing plate, and is clamped by a clamping bolt. The plate is provided with a sealing gasket, the fluid channel is sealed, and the guide fluid flows alternately to the respective flow passage, and the heat exchange is formed. Fluid flow, physical properties, pressure drop and temperature difference determine the number and size of the plate. Corrugated plate not only improves the degree of turbulence, and the formation of a number of supporting points, enough to withstand the pressure difference between the medium. The metal plate and the movable plate pressing board are hung on the upper guide rod, and are positioned by the lower guide rod, and the rod end is fixed on the supporting column.