Plate Type Heat Exchanger Main Components And Functions

 In gasketed plate heat exchanger,heat is transferred from one medium to another through metal plates which have been pressed into a very special pattern.

 Frame plate and support column:Two bars are suspended between the frame plate,in most case the piping is connected and a support column

 Carrying bar and guiding bar:The plates hang from a carrying bar and are kept in line by a guiding bar at the lower end

 Pressure plate:Pressure plate is also hung on the carrier bar and is moveable,as are the heat tansfer plates.Some cases pipe may be connected to the pressure plate.

 Channel plates and gasket:A groove along the rim of plate and around the ports hold a gasket,usually made of a rubber type material.Heat is transferred through the surface which is contained by the gasket,except for some small area near the corners

 Connections:Holes matching the pinping lead through the frame plate,permitting the media to enter into the heat exchanger

 Tightening bolts:With the package of thin plates hanging between the frame plate and pressure plate, number of tightening bolts are used to pressure the thin plates together,to bring them into metallic contact,and to pressure the gaskets,enough to seal off the narrow passages which have been formed between the plates