Plate type heat exchanger applications

   Plate type heat exchangers have become an important heat exchange equipment. Heat exchangers can be found in daily life heating, condensers on steam turbines and oil coolers on space rockets . It is also widely used in chemical, chemical, and nuclear industries.

   The advantages of the plate heat exchanger are: high heat transfer coefficient, large logarithmic mean temperature difference, large NTU (turbidity), strong temperature resistance, small floor space, light weight, low fouling factor and convenient cleaning. The application in the chemical industry can be to exchange a relative amount of heat in a relative time; it can also be used for heat recovery for the purpose of recovering heat;it can be used for protection equipment. Some equipment is damaged due to an increase in temperature and an increase in pressure.

   The traditional heat exchanger has the disadvantages of large floor space, low heat exchange efficiency, large heat transfer temperature difference, easy scaling etc. It is not suitable for use in the case of large heat exchange, and is not suitable for mass use in the chemical industry. The plate heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, small temperature difference, strong anti-fouling and anti-fouling ability, high heat transfer coefficient.It can adapt to places with high critical load.It is becoming more and more mature in technology and will be more widely used in the chemical industry in the future.