Plate Heat Exchangers Disassembling

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Disassembling:

  1. Movement of of pressure plate

 (1)Unlock the moving frame nuts

 (2)Unlock the middle parts with spanner and then up and down

 (3)For Exmple:8 bolts heat exchanger service.Ulock the uppor 4 bolts firstly by 10mm individually,then unlock the 4 lower bolts by 10mm.Push the bolts to the fixed frame and pull out them from it.Moved the pressure plate

 2.Disassemble the heat exchanger plates

 (1)Disassemble one at a time

 (2)Pull the plates by the hanger and pick out the plate heat exchanger plates with lowing uppor port

 (3)When the plates are firmly jamed, take apart it using drive or sth like that

 (4)Be careful in using drive damage of heat exchanger gaskets