Plate Heat Exchanger Usage

  A plate heat exchanger is a thermal device that transfers the heat of a hot fluid to a cold fluid. According to the law of conservation of energy, heat transfer is also an energy balance.Three problems that should not be ignored in the use of plate heat exchangersplate heat exchanger uses

(1) For plate heat exchangers, chemical cleaning of hydrochloric acid (HCl) or hydrochloric acid cleaning agents and cleaning powders cannot be used because it is difficult to dissolve the scales (containing residual chlorine) in a multi-gap structure. alkali neutralization is not possible to clean clear.It can use nitric acid plus buffer or nitric acid cleaning agent, cleaning powder for cleaning, proper heating can improve cleaning efficiency.

(2) When installing equipment piping, the welding wire should be avoided in the equipment, but should be placed on the piping to prevent the welding wire current from being broken down at the contacts inside the board.

(3) The superheat of the steam of the plate heat exchanger has a great influence on the service life of the rubber gasket. It is normally applied to the saturated steam rubber pressure gasket of 150°C-180°C, and its service life is 3-5 years or longer. The life in superheated steam at around 130 °C is only a few months. This is because saturated steam can form a water film on the surface of the gasket, which effectively protects the gasket at high temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the use of steam. Whether the temperature is suitable for the gasket, the degree of superheat is also an important factor that cannot be ignored.