Plate Heat Exchanger Services

Precautions for cleaning, overhaul and maintenance of plate heat exchangers

(1)Equipment cleaning and overhaulplate heat exchanger cleaning services

During the use of the heat exchanger, it is often necessary to carry out cleaning and descaling due to the needs of operation and maintenance, and the whole machine cleaning without disassembling the machine is also carried out. For stainless steel plate changers, cleaning agents containing cl should be strictly prohibited. In order to prevent the residual cl after cleaning from staying in the gap of the device, stress corrosion is caused. Different gasket materials have different compatibility with cleaning agents.

For example, ethylene propylene rubber is a plate heat exchanger gasket which has been used in recent years and has better performance. It has good performance in acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance, but has poor performance in oxidation resistant acid, aromatic hydrocarbon and petroleum products. When maintaining equipment, avoid contact between oil and paint materials and gaskets, so as to avoid swelling and fracture of the gasket, resulting in leakage of the medium.

(2) Equipment maintenance

Since the spare plate heat exchanger is deactivated for a long time, it is necessary to carry out a leak test before re-use. The focus is on checking the condition of the gasket to prevent the gasket from aging and breaking, resulting in leakage of the medium during use.