Plate heat exchanger processing accuracy error

  Accuracy errors are inevitable when designing, manufacturing, and processing any equipment. The same applies to the plate heat exchanger, but Plate heat exchanger processing accuracy errorif the machining accuracy error of the plate heat exchanger is controlled within the effective range, it will also be able to avoid affecting its use effect.

(1) Geometric error.

Manufacturing error and wear of plate heat exchanger, dimensional chain error, static and dynamic adjustment error of machine tool transmission, and installation error of plate heat exchanger.

(2) Errors caused by the force effect of the process system.

Errors caused by elastic and plastic deformation of the process system, clamping errors of the workpiece, errors caused by centrifugal force and transmission force and residual stress.

(3) Errors caused by thermal deformation.

Errors caused by plate heat exchangers and workpiece thermal deformation. In addition to the above error factors, the principle error and measurement error of the machining method are also important factors affecting the machining accuracy of the part.

  After understanding the factors affecting the processing accuracy of the plate heat exchanger, it will also avoid the influence of these errors in the design or production to ensure the use of the equipment.