Plate Heat Exchanger Plate Types

The main types of plate heat exchanger plates

The plate heat exchanger plate is specially used for the plate heat exchanger to isolate the medium and exchange heat, and is an important part ofPlate Heat Exchanger Plate Types the plate heat exchanger. Its main material is stainless steel(SUS304.316), titanium and titanium palladium (Ti, Ti-Pd), 20Cr, 18Ni, 6Mo (254SMO), alloy (C276), copper (H68), etc

The plate is the core component of the plate heat exchanger, which is divided into two forms, common forms and special forms.

1.Common form:The plates are distinguished by the geometry of the corrugations, and there are corrugated plates such as horizontal straight corrugations, herringbone corrugations, oblique corrugations, etc.; according to the flow pattern of fluids between the plates, there are tubular flow, strip flow, and mesh flow corrugated plates. sheet.

2. Special form

In order to meet the needs of various projects, some special plates and special plate heat exchangers have been developed on the basis of traditional plate heat exchangers. (1) A sheet that facilitates loading and unloading of the gasket. (2) plates for condensers, (3) plates for evaporators, (4) plate-and-tube plates, (5) double-layer plates, (6) graphite sheets, (7) Plates with wide and narrow channels.