Plate heat exchanger operation and maintenance

  With the continuous development of society, plate heat exchangers have been widely used in the industry. What work should be done before the Plate heat exchanger operation and maintenanceplate heat exchanger equipment is used and how to maintain it after use?

(1) Check if the compression bolt is loose before using the equipment. Whether the compacting dimension A meets the dimensions specified in the instructions. If it does not meet the requirements, the bolts should be tightened evenly to the specified size.Before use, the equipment should be subjected to water pressure test. The pressure is tested on both sides of the hot and cold. The test pressure is 1.25 times of the operating pressure and the dwell time is 30 minutes. The seals can be put into use without leakage.

(2) If the equipment is used in the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry with high hygiene requirements, the equipment should be cleaned and disinfected before use, and the oil and debris in the equipment should be disinfected.When the operating medium contains a large amount of sediment or other debris, a filtering device should be placed in front of the equipment.The inlet and outlet of the hot and cold medium shall be connected according to the indication on the pressure plate of the equipment. Otherwise, the operation performance of the equipment will be affected.However, when the equipment is operated, the low-pressure side liquid should be injected slowly, and then the high-pressure side liquid is injected. When stopping, the high-pressure side liquid fluid should be slowly cut off, and then the low-pressure side liquid fluid should be cut off.

(3) If the equipment is operated for a long period of time, the surface of the sheet will produce different levels of scale or sediment, which will reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase the flow resistance. Therefore, the equipment should be periodically opened for inspection to remove dirt.In normal plate heat exchanger equipment, if damaged plates are to be replaced in time, if there are no spare plates, two adjacent plates can be removed if conditions permit, and the compact size A is reduced accordingly.If the machine is being repaired, it should be replaced for the aging gasket.