Plate Heat Exchanger Installation

Plate Heat Exchanger Installation

1.Installation space settings

   (1)Front: Usually, the front of the plate heat exchanger does not need special space, just pay attention to the convenience of piping.

   (2)Side:The plate heat exchanger requires side space for disassembly and repair. For example, when the width of the plate heat exchanger is >800mm, the reserved space on both sides is 1200mm; if the width of the plate heat exchanger is ≦800mm, 800mm space is reserved on both sides.

   (3)Behind:In the case of support column , Non special space is required. In the absence of support column, it is only necessary to reserve a space equivalent to the length of the plate heat exchanger.

2.The basic fixed method

   (1)Level the ground at the intended installation location of the equipment and follow the relevant standards.

   (2)Add the embedded parts to the foundation

3.The equipment is fixed

   According to the fixed method of the equipment, the plate heat exchanger has two mounting and fixing forms. One is a pre-buried anchor bolt, mainly used for large plate heat exchangers (equipment weight exceeds 2000kgs); one is a post-expansion bolt, mainly used for small and medium-sized plate heat exchangers (equipment weight is less than or equal to 2000kgs).