Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Replacement

The plates and gaskets are the core of plate heat exchanger,so it’s important to observe the gasket replacement procedures.

Installation of clip on gaskets is easily accomplished without any additional tools.Put the gasket over the groove.Begin with the port areas by depressing the gasket into the pinch points built into the plate,then,move down the perimeter of the plate until the entire gasket on the plate groove.Care Don’t  damage the plate or gasket with any sharp points or corners of the tool.

The adhesive remains in the gasket groove after gasket’s important to remove the old adhesive and any oil or grease that may cause the new adhesive not to bond.Use a clean cloth soaked with a solvent to wipe the gasket groove(Soak the plates in a caustic bath at 80 to 90℃ ).The gasket grooves will need to be wiped out with a good solvent before applying new adhesive.

Apply the adhesive in the gasket groove using 1/16” to 1/8” head of new adhesive;then smooth the adhesive out with finger or tool to help ensure an even layer of adhesive between the plate and gasket.Using fingertip pressure,make certain all areas of the gaskets fit into the gasket groove(pay attention to the port areas of the gasket). Then move the completed plates under the weighted plywood.

When reinstalling the plates in unit,make sure to follow the flow chart to ensure the correct flow and the thermal length.Make sure that firs plate have a full gasket on it.