Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Lifetime

The plate heat exchanger will also have problems during the course of the year and need to be repaired, especially its seals(if it is loose). The plate Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Lifetimeheat exchanger is one of the heat exchange technologies in process industrial equipment important parts. The elastic gasket that seals between the various plate fins is a consumable part and is also an easy-to-age part under natural conditions. The following factors have an important influence on the service life of the heat exchanger elastic gasket:

(1) Natural aging:Th softening of the elastic gasket is related to the pressure and temperature. When the gasket loses its elasticity, the heat exchanger will leak. In some products, in order to solve the dripping phenomenon caused by the aging of the gasket, the sealing performance adjustment of the heat exchanger is allowed, that is, the bolts of the combined plate heat exchanger are tightened again, and the elastic gasket between the heat exchangers is adjusted. The pressing force solves the problem of dripping. On the nameplate of a heat exchanger with this function, the maximum and minimum stresses are generally given.(2) The stress of the elastic gasket is large due to excessive pressure and unbalanced pressure(3) Maximum working pressure and maximum working temperature(4) Corrosion of the heat dissipating medium and the cleaning agent used(5) The working mode of the heat exchanger (continuous or discontinuous) Its service life has an important influence on the service life of the plate heat exchanger. If these seals heat harden and lose their original elasticity, the heat exchanger will not work properly.