Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Failure

 The plate heat exchanger is a very efficient heat exchange device,and its application range is very wide. Usually it is mainly composed of plates and gaskets. The sealing failure of the plate heat exchanger is a big problem. What is the cause of the failure of the plate heat exchanger sealing? The common problems are mainly caused by the influence of pressure, the influence of temperature and the influence of time.

  (1)Pressure effect: It can produce the leakage when the plate heat exchanger is used in the rated working pressure. In addition to the influence of the quality difference of the manufacturing assembly, it also generally affects the abnormal impact load in the system.The instantaneous pressure peak caused by the impact is often about 2 times higher than the normal working pressure, which also makes the rubber installed in the plate heat exchanger. The gasket is displaced, so that the sealing performance of the plate heat exchanger is gradually lost. 

  (2)Time impact: The equipment used or idle for several years, the gradual aging of the sealing material itself will seriously affect the reliability of the seal, so it is necessary to replace it with a new gasket in time for inspection.

  (3)Temperature effect: rapid changes in temperature can also lead to seal failure. When the temperature changes rapidly, the pre-tightening force of the plate heat exchanger seal is significantly reduced, so that the bearing pressure of the device is higher than the rated design pressure.