Plate heat exchanger fouling treatment method

  In order to avoid the fouling of the plate heat exchanger, the heat exchanger can not be used normally, waste energy and reduce the service life of Plate heat exchanger fouling treatment methodthe heat exchanger, so regular cleaning is required.

Plate heat exchangers Common heat exchanger cleaning methods often use dose softening, magnetic materials, anti-scaling treatment, and sodium ion exchange.

(1) Softening treatment

Dosing and softening treatment has the characteristics of simple method, high efficiency, good economy and no need for special water-making equipment. It is a highly practical anti-scaling water treatment method. There are two kinds of calibrator treatment and anti-scaling treatment according to different methods of dosing,

(2) Ion scale water treatment

Ion anti-scale water treatment is a new, advanced water treatment equipment in the hot water circulation system central air conditioning system, circulating cooling water system applications.

(3) Magnetization anti-scaling treatment

The principle of magnetization anti-scaling treatment is the polarity of water molecules, that is, water molecules are covalently combined.When the fluid passes through a high-intensity magnetic field, the multi-molecular association of water and the action of the ionic magnetic field, the association of the originally scattered multi-ions is broken up into a single or short-bond association, which vertically cuts the outside at a certain speed. The magnetic field lines of the magnetic field generate an induced current.Therefore, each ion establishes a new field with the external magnetic field, establishing adjacent polar ions, ordering, attracting and compressing each other, and changing crystals. The crystals formed are very slack, compressive strength, poor stretchability, and are very brittle, cohesive and weakly adherent, and they are less likely to adhere to the heated surface to form scale.