Plate heat exchanger construction and installation

 The plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger which is assembled from a series of metal plates with a certain corrugated shape. It Plate heat exchanger construction and installationstands out among many heat exchangers with its unique working principle and unique structure. The plate heat exchanger is composed of a set of metal plates with four corner holes for the passage of both hot and cold media. What are the main points of construction and installation of the plate heat exchanger?

(1) The plate heat exchanger should not be deformed, and the fasteners should not be loose or otherwise mechanically damaged.

(2) When the equipment is hoisted, the sling should not be hung on the take-up, positioning beam or plate.

(3) Reserve enough space around the heat exchanger for easy maintenance.

(4) The installation of the inlet and outlet of the hot and cold medium shall be connected in the direction specified by the factory nameplate.

(5) The pipes connected to the heat exchanger should be cleaned to prevent debris such as sand and gravel from entering the heat exchanger and causing blockage.

(6) The heat exchanger shall be hydraulically tested at 1.5 times the maximum working pressure. The steam portion shall not be lower than the steam supply pressure plus 0.3 MPa; the hot water portion shall not be lower than 0.4 MPa.