Plate Heat Exchanger Anti Blockage

The anti-blocking measures of plate heat exchangers mainly work from two aspects of operation management and equipment application.

1.  Plate heat exchanger replacement and anti-blocking management measuresPlate Heat Exchanger Anti Blocked

(1)Strictly control the water quality to strengthen the supervision of circulating water quality, regularly carry out water quality testing, reduce the Ca2+\M2+2+ ion content in water, and when the water quality is unqualified, it should be softened in time.

(2) Strictly control the construction quality to strengthen the construction site management, prevent impurities from entering the pipe network in large quantities, and strictly control the flushing and pressure test cleaning, reduce the impurity content in the water through effective cleaning, and reduce the chance of plate heat exchanger blockage.

(3) Strictly control the operation of the plate heat exchanger in time to change the blockage of the plate. By observing the change of the running end or the differential pressure of the inlet and outlet etc., it is predicted whether the plate is blocked or not. If the blockage is found, it should be cleaned up in time.

2. Application of anti-blocking equipment for plate heat exchangers, in order to remove and filter impurities and dirt in the heating system, the commonly used equipment is the decontamination device. At present, the decontamination device used in the mining area is mainly Y-type decontamination device and cyclone type,decontamination device, angle decontamination device etc., but due to the equipment's own resistance, decontamination ability etc., the ordinary filter-type filter has the problem of poor filtering ability of fine surface sediment, iron inducer, suspended matter, The plate heat exchanger is easy to blocked. In order to solve this problem, the mine has experimentally used a capacity-type decontamination device, which uses a large volume to reduce the flow rate of the medium and prolong the residence time of the medium, so that the impurities are naturally deposited, the resistance is small, the efficiency is high, and the use effect is good.