Plate Heat Exchanger Advantages And Disadvantages

Plate Heat Exchanger Advantages And Disadvantages

1. Advantages of plate heat exchanger

1) High heat transfer coefficient. The plate heat exchanger has a small flow path, the plate is a corrugation shape, and the section change is complicated, so that the fluid flow direction and velocity are constantly changed, the fluid disturbance is increased, and the turbulence can be achieved at a small flow rate, which has a high Heat transfer coefficient. It is especially suitable for liquid-liquid heat exchange and fluid heat exchange with large viscosity.

2) Great adaptability. The required heat transfer area can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the heat exchanger plates. A heat exchanger can be divided into several units to accommodate simultaneous heating or cooling of several fluids.

3) Compact structure, small size and low consumables. The heat transfer area per cubic meter volume can reach 250 m2, and only about 15 kg metal per square meter of heat transfer surface.

4) High heat transfer coefficient and low metal consumption, making heat transfer effective( 85% to over 90%.).

5) Easy to remove, wash and repair.

6) The fouling factor is small. Due to the large flow disturbance, the dirt is not easy to deposit; the plate used is good in material and rarely corroded, which makes the fouling coefficient value small.

7) Plate heat exchangers are made of sheet metal, so the raw materials price is lower than that same kind of  pipes of the


2.Disadvantages of plate heat exchangers

1) Poor sealing and easy to leak. It is more troublesome to replace the gasket frequently.

2) The pressure of use is limited, generally not more than 1.5MPa.

3) The operating temperature is limited by the temperature resistance of the gasket material.

4) The flow path is small, it is not suitable for gas-to-gas heat exchange or steam condensation.

5) It is easy to block. Its not suitable for fluids containing suspended solids.

6) The flow resistance is larger than shell and tube