Plate Frame Heat Exchanger Maintenance

    Before disassemble plate heat exchanger, close the medium inlet valve, and close the high pressure side valve first, then close the outlet that the heat exchanger slowly cools down to 40 °C and discharge, then remove the connected pipe, and the whole can be lifted.alfa laval plate and frame heat exchanger maintenance

    After the system gas, pressure, temperature and other parameters meet the maintenance requirements, they can enter the site construction. Remove the adapter first, then loosen the fixing bolts in the direction of the diagonal. During the disassembly process, the movable platen is offset by no more than 10 mm in the width direction and no more than 25 mm in the vertical direction. The movable platen should always be kept in a parallel state. When removing the plate, tilt the plate to 15°-20° to one side, and remove it with a slight lift. Do not forcefully disassemble it to prevent deformation or damage of the upper positioning groove, and follow the order of plate pieces accoring to installation. .

    When inspecting the heat exchanger plate, the plate shall be free of cracks, scratches, deformations. The unevenness of the plate thickness shall not exceed 5 percent, the periphery of the plate shall be smooth and flat, and the shape of the sealing groove shall conform to the requirements of the drawing, and its plate corrugation depth allowable deviation is 0.1mm, and the sealing surface is not allowed to have defects such as unevenness, wrinkles, distortion, scratches.and the deviation of the sheet corrugation depth is ±0.2mm, and the unevenness is not more than 1%. For perforated plates, it can be repaired and smoothed by hydrogen arc welding.