Plate and frame heat exchanger feature

The advantage of gasketed plate heat exchanger

(1)High performance,Total heat transfer coefficinet of PHE is 2000-6000Kcal/㎡hr℃.This value is 3 to 10times higher than other type heat exchangers

(2)High economic tendency,plate and frame heat exchanger can obtain the effect of managing cost saving by maximized energu efficiency from high transfer rate uni size and minimized heat loss.It can also maintenance cost by its compact size.

(3)Different kinds options,We has developed many kinds of plates and gaskets for any situations.So it's easy to energy the amount of plates,chaning the kinds of gaskets,cleaning them when plate heat exchangers need modify or update its system

(4)Excellent compatibility,Plate type heat exchangers can carry out many kinds of processes.Cooling,heating and condensing etc with one set

(5)Lower fouling coefficient,Easy to maintenance