Operation effect of plate heat exchangers

  The plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchange device composed of a plurality of corrugated heat transfer plates at a certain interval Operation effect of plate heat exchangersby welding or pressing by a rubber gasket.When selecting the product, the heat exchange effect can be seen to know the operation effect of the plate heat exchanger. The operation effect of the plate heat exchanger is mainly configured by the system.

(1) System configuration: The plate heat exchanger only serves to convert heat. It follows the law of constant energy conductance.In many cases, the heat from the heating system does not have enough cold side cooling water to carry away.If the water volume and water temperature are not enough, the hot side temperature will not drop. If it is the water temperature problem on the cold side, then the large plate heat exchanger is useless.

(2) Problems with plate heat exchangers: Many users only provide heat exchange area when purchasing heat exchangers, and there is no specific data such as heat exchange amount, medium flow rate, inlet and outlet temperature. As a result, although the plate heat exchangers purchased have the correct model area, the process combination is unreasonable.So that the heat exchanger does not achieve the desired effect.

The two factors that affect the operation effect of the plate heat exchanger can be analyzed from the system configuration and its own reasons. Once the operation efficiency is found to be slow, a reasonable system configuration can be made.