How to use plate heat exchanger in heat utilization equipment

  The metal plate of the plate heat exchanger is installed in a frame with a fixed plate and a movable compression plate, and is clamped with How to use plate heat exchanger in heat utilization equipmentclamping bolts. A sealing gasket is installed on the plate to seal the fluid channel and guide the fluid to flow into the respective flow channels alternately to form a heat exchange. Fluid flow, physical properties, pressure drop and temperature difference determine the number and size of plates. The corrugated plate not only improves the degree of turbulence, but also forms many supporting points, which are enough to withstand the pressure difference between the media. The metal plate and the movable plate pressing plate are hung on the upper guide rod and positioned by the lower guide rod, and the rod end is fixed on the support column. The application of plate stainless steel heat exchanger in heat utilization equipment.

  When using the heat energy of a heat source, it can be divided into several situations according to the temperature of the heat source and the utilization method. The temperature ranges from a high temperature exceeding 1000 ° C to a low temperature of -200 °.According to the method of utilization, it is divided into ways to obtain power and electricity, ways to obtain heat for heating and air conditioning, and ways to obtain heat and raw materials for process.The use of thermal energy must be accompanied by the conversion of energy. The conversion form is different, and the equipment is also different.The high-temperature field with a heat source above 700 ° C includes high-temperature gas and hot coal generated in new-type furnaces such as coal-fired furnaces such as coal-fired, petroleum, and LNG, gas-fired furnaces, and high-speed furnaces. These high-temperature heats are used as heat sources for boilers and steam generators to produce steam. The steam is introduced into the steam turbine and converted into power or electricity, or the steam is directly used in the process.